The stainless steel container is made of steel, which is not subject to corrosion. The material is resistant to aggressive external influences, does not collapse upon contact with acidic or alkaline media. The containers that are used for the manufacture of drinks are necessary to support such production processes as fermentation, carbonization, maturation, aromatization.

Stainless containers are used for temporary storage of drinks such as beer, cider, champagne and sparkling wines, sweet sparkling water, as well as for transportation and bottling of finished products. The material, made in accordance with AISI standards, is characterized by inertness when interacting with chemicals, does not emit foreign compounds in contact with drinks and food.

Fermenters are often cylindrical containers that are used for the fermentation of various raw materials, including grain and fruit. Maintaining a constant temperature inside the tank is an important requirement of the technological process, which is achieved using heat exchangers. Many food industry companies prefer to buy stainless steel containers in Ukraine, due to the excellent performance characteristics of the product.

Types and characteristics of stainless containers

Stainless containers, depending on the purpose, are equipped with additional devices. For example, primary fermenters are equipped with shut-off valves, a built-in pressure gauge to control the pressure inside the tank and a pressure valve. As a result, users can adjust the pressure readings depending on the drink recipe.

Stainless steel tanks for secondary fermentation are often equipped with a heat-insulating layer, cooling systems, rubber seals for hermetic sealing. In some cases, the manufacturer provides for the possibility of connecting to a liquid cooling system (cooling jackets).

Stainless steel container meets the requirements of sanitation and hygiene, therefore it is widely used in the food industry. There are no microcracks and pores on the surface of the mirror-smooth material without roughness, which prevents contaminants from settling on the walls and the development of pathogenic microorganisms. 

Typically, stainless food containers are made by rotational drawing or stamping. In the first case, thin-walled hollow metal products are produced by applying pressure to a rotating workpiece. Stamping is a method of plastic transformation of the shape of a static metal workpiece under high pressure.

A stainless food container made by welding is subjected to subsequent processing - grinding of seams, which also improves the smoothness of the product walls. One of the main advantages of the container is ease of maintenance. Contaminants do not linger on the treated surface. Food residues are easily removed under the pressure of water. Benefits of stainless steel:

Before buying stainless steel containers, you need to determine the characteristics, such as capacity, shape, the presence of additional devices - a tap, a lid with a hole for a water seal, a temperature sensor.

Where to buy stainless containers

It is possible to order new stainless steel tanks of various sizes from Prolitech LLC. There is a wide range of fermentation tanks with a volume of 60-1200 liters. We organize fast delivery to cities in Ukraine - Kiev and Dnipro, Lviv, Mariupol, Kharkov, Odessa, Krivoy Rog, Zaporozhye. Other benefits of cooperation with our company:

You can buy stainless steel containers and production equipment from us, manufactured at enterprises in Europe and Ukraine. Products in the catalog comply with European standards. An affordable price for quality products is a reason to immediately place an order.

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