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Cooking dark beer Chocolate Malt Porter


Chocolate Malt Porter Beer Recipe


Malt bill: BEST Munich - 75%, BEST Pilsen - 15%, BEST Chocolate - 9%, BEST Caramel Munich II - 1%


Hydraulic module 1:4



Malt input - 50 °C

First break - 52 °C, hour 10 minutes

Second break - 64 °C, hour30 minutes

Third break - 72 °C, hour 30 minutes

Fourth pause - 75 °C. Completion of the mashing process and start of filtration at this temperature.


Congestion filtering

Washing grains with water is approximately 1 liter per 1 kg of malt. Water temperature 78-80°C.


Wort boil with hops

Boiling time 75 minutes

For bitterness, add Tradition α-5.6% hops at the beginning of the boil. Calculation of the amount of 1 gr. for 1 liter of must

Taste hops Saaz α-3.9% are introduced 45 minutes before the end of the boil, at the rate of 2 g. per 1 liter of must

Aroma hops Hallertauer Blanc or Cascade α-5.9% are added directly after the end of the boil. Calculation of aromatic hops 1 gr. for 1 liter of must



For fermentation, it is recommended to use classic lager yeast Saflager W-34/70 or Saflager S-23. The recommended fermentation temperature is 9-12 °C for 10-12 days.


At the end of the fermentation, remove the beer from the yeast and add a primer. Lower the temperature to 0..+2 °C and hold for 8-10 weeks

Your beer is ready! You can start tasting!