A filter for cleaning moonshine is a consumable item that is used at the stage of filtering strong alcoholic beverages. Premium alcohol - whiskey, brandy, vodka, moonshine, requires thorough cleaning from impurities. Filtration is the process of running a drink through special moonshine filters that trap substances that make alcohol cloudy and give it extraneous flavors, such as bitterness.

Immediately before the run, the drink is cooled to a temperature of minus 1°C. During cooling, some components precipitate. To remove the sediment, filters for moonshine are used. Previously, materials such as felt, felt, sand (river, sea), charcoal, and linen were used to clean the finished product. At modern craft enterprises for the production of alcoholic beverages, filters are used to clean industrial moonshine.

Types and characteristics of filters for cleaning moonshine

To prepare high quality natural drinks, you need to buy a carbon filter for cleaning moonshine. The filtration procedure improves the transparency and organoleptic properties of the finished product. Coconut Activated Charcoal is an alcohol filter that helps cleanse the physical environment of impurities. Coal has pronounced sorption and deodorizing properties.

The sorption activity of the material is due to the presence of a large number of micropores, in which some drink components are retained. The production of moonshine and other strong alcoholic beverages at home is associated with the formation of fusel oils in the product, which in high concentrations are dangerous to human health and life.

Fusel oils are a mixture of higher aliphatic alcohols (isopropyl, isobutyl), esters, aldehydes and other by-products of fermentation. Fusel oils are formed by large molecules, which are well retained in the pores by a carbon filter for moonshine. Carbon sorbents remove substances from the drink that cause hangovers - headaches and poor health.

If you refuse to use carbon filters for moonshine, the drink may acquire an unpleasant taste. The consequences of drinking unrefined moonshine are manifested by severe intoxication of the body. As practice shows, a lower content of aldehydes is observed in moonshine made from grapes. A high concentration of aldehydes is found in an alcoholic drink, the raw material for which was potatoes.

The ashless filter for alcohol is made on the basis of cellulose. It is used to purify alcohol from impurities, for example, to separate iron hydroxide in the form of sedimentary large-crystalline particles. Paper filter for vodka - a disk cut out of filter paper. The diameter of ashless discs varies between 5.5-18 cm. Ashless means that after burning the disc, a minimum amount of ash remains.

Products differ in the rate of passage of the filtered liquid and are marked accordingly. Filter for alcohol of very fast filtration (up to 16 seconds) - yellow, fast filtration (up to 25 seconds) - red tint, medium filtration (up to 45 seconds) - white, slow filtration (up to 100 seconds) - blue tint. Depending on the porosity and density of the paper disc, it can retain fine substances, heavy metal sulfates, zinc carbonate, iron hydroxide. An ashless filter for vodka is usually a red tape, which is used after the charcoal filtration procedure.

Where to buy a filter for cleaning moonshine

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