Wine yeast is an indispensable component for making wine in industrial production. Without the use of this additive, wine must may not be transformed into an aromatic and tasty drink. Many characteristics of the finished product depend on the type of fungi that are used to make wine. Their main task is to activate the wort fermentation process. In order for sugar to turn into wine alcohol, you need to buy wine yeast and add it to the preparation of the drink.

Fungi actively multiply, eating sugar from the wort. As a result of the vital activity of microorganisms, alcohol is produced. Wine yeast is a natural product. Fungi are naturally present on the surface of sweet fruits and berries, causing fermentation and subsequent spoilage. With an increased concentration of fungi on the skin of grapes, a whitish coating forms.

Buying grape yeast is also preferred by home winemakers to speed up the cooking process and improve the taste of the wine. Artificially grown strains of yeast cultures are more resistant to external influences, support the fermentation process in almost any conditions. They work effectively for the fermentation of berry raw materials, fresh juice and extracts obtained from any berries and fruits.

The use of strains guarantees an increased concentration of ethyl alcohol in wine. The proportion of alcohol in the finished product is usually more than 16%. Artificial strains are more often universal. Equally suitable for obtaining different types of wine - red, rose, white, sweet and dry, with a high content of ethanol.

Natural fungi are characterized by reduced alcohol resistance, which means a lower concentration of alcohol in the finished product. With strains that are resistant to alcohol and elevated temperatures, more ethanol is produced during the fermentation of the wort. In natural fermentation, the must is not fully fermented. Wine yeast is necessarily used in industrial winemaking due to its characteristics and properties:

Spontaneous fermentation can cause undesirable consequences, such as spoilage of the product due to the presence of a large number of fungi that are not suitable for wort fermentation and alcohol production. Unsuitable fungi can impart unpleasant foreign tastes and odors to the finished product. 

How to choose wine yeast

Buyers who are interested in where wine yeast is sold are not always sufficiently informed about the properties and features of the use of this component. There are several types of yeast fungi, which, depending on their properties, are used to make various drinks - red wines, strong alcohol, original elite products with a special taste and aroma. Prolitech LLC sells universal wine yeast of the famous French brand Lalvin.

Wine yeast Lalvin is a product of selection, which during the fermentation of the must provides such effects as reduced foaming, low concentration of hydrogen sulfide and volatile acids. The fermentation process actively proceeds at a temperature of 10-30°C. Fungi can be used to restart fermentation, inhibit the activity of foreign microorganisms, are highly resistant to alcohol (cause intense fermentation at an alcohol content of up to 18%). Prolitech LLC is a trading platform where you can buy top quality wine yeast at an affordable price.

Where to buy wine yeast

You can buy wine yeast and other ingredients for making drinks - beer, cider, juices, strong alcohol - at Prolitech LLC. We organize fast delivery in Ukraine to the cities of Kiev and Dnipro, Kharkov, Mariupol, Krivoy Rog, Odessa, Lviv, Zaporozhye. The online store presents a large selection of equipment and containers for food industry enterprises. If you are interested in the question of where to buy wine yeast and other ingredients for making drinks, our consultants will help you. Other benefits for our customers:

The ability to order all the necessary equipment, containers and raw materials in one place is a weighty argument in favor of immediate ordering. It takes a few minutes to apply online. Affordable price for products of well-known and reliable manufacturers in Europe and Ukraine is an additional plus for our customers.

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