Distillation malt is one of the most important components of whiskey and other strong alcohol. The taste, aroma, consistency and other consumer properties of the finished drink depend on the quality and characteristics of the ingredients. Malt, taking into account the feedstock, is barley, rye, wheat. To obtain malt, the grain undergoes a special treatment - malting. The main steps include soaking, sprouting and stopping the growth process with heat drying.

Beer malts are suitable for the production of strong alcohol. However, experts recommend buying distilled malt intended for whiskey production, because it undergoes a special treatment - fumigation with Scottish peat. As a result, the product acquires a peculiar smoky aroma inherent in real Scotch whiskey. Color indices 2.5-4 EBC. Processing also extends the shelf life of the malt.

Whiskey malt, which you will need to buy for the production of a strong alcoholic drink, must be of high quality. The taste and aroma properties of an alcoholic beverage are determined by the slightest nuances, for example, the region where the grain grows, the method of malting and the composition of the grist. Changing the characteristics of any constituent component entails the creation of a unique product with original taste and aroma properties.

To improve, to make the taste of the drink unique, selective malt is taken. The main industrial production of whiskey falls on Scotland and Ireland in Europe, the USA and Canada in America, Japan in Asia. Barley is a classic type of grain for whiskey malt. Moreover, out of 5.5 thousand varieties of barley, only 10 varieties are approved by the Institute of Distillation and are suitable for making whiskey. For example, barley should contain nitrogen in a low concentration.

Other important characteristics are high enzymatic potential, ability to actively germinate and form large grains. Nitrogen serves as an indicator of the presence of protein. With a reduced level of nitrogen in the grains, the amount of protein is reduced and the proportion of starch is correspondingly increased. Under the influence of enzymes, the starch in the grain is converted into sugar.

During the germination process, grains form enzymes that stimulate the conversion of starch into sugar and the breakdown of proteins into forms suitable for yeast to digest. Processes such as grain germination conditions, roasting and drying procedures can affect the quality of the finished beverage. These activities determine the color and aroma of whiskey.

If you do not know where to buy distillation malt, Prolitech LLC will help you. Buying in the online store is convenient and profitable. Our customers are guaranteed low prices without overpayments and the opportunity to save time. It will take a few minutes to complete the application. You can buy malt for moonshine from us to prepare an alcoholic drink at home.

Rye malt for moonshine or whiskey gives the finished drink fruity and spicy flavor notes. A feature of the wort made from rye is an increased viscosity, which causes some difficulties in filtering. For the production of quality whiskey, rye varieties with increased foaming, which are usually used in bread baking, are not suitable.

Where to buy distillation malt

Prolitech LLC offers to buy distillation malt. We supply food industry enterprises with equipment and raw materials for production, containers for storage and transportation of food and beverages. We cooperate with reliable manufacturers in Europe and Ukraine, which guarantees the compliance of our products with international quality and safety standards. Reasons to cooperate with our company:

Castle Malting distillation malt, which can be ordered from Prolitech LLC, is made in Belgium and is intended for the production of premium whiskeys and other spirits. Differs in the increased fermentation and enzymatic activity. Castle Malting is Europe's leader in the production of quality malt raw materials for the production of all sorts of beer and whiskey.

Features of the production of Castle Malting distilled malt include quality control at every stage of production, from the field where the barley is grown, and ending with the verification of the characteristics of the finished product. Castle Malting malts are non-GMO, made in accordance with European standards UE 178-2002 and 2001/18 / EC, as well as in accordance with ISO 22000 norms. Quality analysis of barley and finished malt is done in our own laboratories.

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