A home brewery is an installation that allows you to prepare a foamy drink in a domestic environment, rather than in a commercial or industrial environment. Such equipment is the best option for individuals, closed clubs and thematic associations who want to brew original beer themselves.

The Braumeister Brewery is a unique complex that allows you to get a huge variety of your favorite drink instead of a limited assortment of pubs. In doing so, you can:

Braumeister home systems are available on the market in two versions. For small portions of the finished drink, it is worth buying a brewery for 20 liters. If you like noisy companies, you will be interested in a unit with a steel case for 50 liters of beer.


What is unique about Braumaster breweries?

Both in Europe and in Ukraine, you can find offers from companies offering a ready-made home system for brewing beer or building it on your territory. Not all of them are distinguished by durability, functionality and ease of use.

Of the variety of equipment, German home breweries Braumeister deservedly received positive feedback from specialists and ordinary consumers.


Modern models of breweries of this brand are equipped with an automatic control system. To brew beer, the owner of such an installation only needs to press a few keys. The recipe is programmed on the display and the last ten recipes are stored in the machine's memory. The variety of color, taste, aroma and strength of the drink depends on the following components:

Smart automation works flawlessly, so the manufacturer from Germany confidently gives a long-term warranty on its products. In case of refusal to work due to incorrect operation or system errors (this is extremely rare), you can always contact the services of the Prolitech company, which is the official representative of the Braumaster trademark in Ukraine.


Home Brewery or Commercial Brewery: What's the Difference?

Home brewery – a real find for connoisseurs of this ancient drink. After all, its cooking for commercial purposes often does not differ in quality, variety and affordable price. Even small beer companies that value their reputation, with their microbreweries, are forced to follow one of the paths.

  1. The first is to sell low-quality beer under the guise of elite, keeping the price in the middle segment and counting on profit due to turnover.
  2. The other is to make a quality product but sell it at a high price.

The cost of commercial beer is affected by the need for a microbrewery:

In the case of home beer, all of these items are excluded, so the price of a pint will only be equal to the ingredients used.


Benefits of choosing a brewery at Prolitex

We offer you to buy a certified home brewery on the most favorable terms in Ukraine. If you look at how much Braumeister equipment costs in our company, you will really be pleasantly surprised. The fact that we are the official representative of the company in our country allows us to keep the installation price for a long time without its monthly increase. Therefore, it is profitable to order home models with the ability to send them to Kiev, Kharkov, Dnipro or any other region of Ukraine from us. You just have to choose the capacity of the brewery and place an order for the purchase of equipment.

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