Aging in oak barrels: the key to refining the distillate

Quality criteria for oak barrels:

Advantages of our barrels:


Choose a barrel that suits your purposes: If you want to make cognac, whiskey or age fruit distillates, you need a barrel with a certain degree of charring.

Prepare the barrel before use: Soak the barrel in water or wine before first use.

Store the drum in the correct conditions: The drum should be stored in a cool, dark and humid place.

Check the distillate regularly: Try the distillate periodically to determine the optimal aging time.

Aging in oak barrels: effect on wine and other drinks

Effect of the barrel on the distillate:

Effect on wine:

Factors affecting exposure:

Advantages of crushed barrels:

Disadvantages of crushed barrels:

Price: Split barrels are more expensive than sawn ones.

Difficulty of making: Making split barrels requires more time and skill.

Barrel selection:

Aging in oak barrels is a great way to improve the taste and aroma of various drinks. When choosing a cask, it's important to consider your goals, budget, and the type of drink you want to age.

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