Buy malt extract and get a number of benefits.

malt extract

Malt extracts are prepared from wheat and barley malt. Ideal for making beer and making single malt whisky. You have to save a lot of time, since most of the work has already been spent on you. It is advisable for brewers and distillers who do not have any special knowledge to use this mixture.
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Victory of malt extract in home brews:

  1. Time-saving and convenient: Malt extract is a ready-made wort, which eliminates the need for a complex mashing process. You only need to dilute it with water to the desired thickness to obtain a base for beer or other drinks.
  2. Less equipment: You won't need as much equipment to work with malt extract as you normally would with grain wort. This is especially useful in limited space.
  3. Consistent result: Using a standardized malt extract, you can achieve more predictable results because the mixture is already prepared according to certain standards.
  4. Controlled characteristics: Malt extract provides more precise control over the content of malt and other components that affect the taste and quality of beer or other beverages.
  5. Convenient storage: Malt extract has a long shelf life and can be stored for a long time without deterioration. This facilitates long-term use and savings on large batches of beer or drinks.
  6. Variety of beverage styles: Malt extract can be the base for different styles of beer and other malt beverages, allowing you to experiment with different recipes.
  7. Reduced risks of burning: The extract usually does not contain solid particles, which makes the distillation process safer and less prone to the risk of burning.

In general, the use of malt extract at home provides convenience, controllability of the process and allows obtaining a stable quality of drinks without the need for complex procedures of brewing wort from grain.


Creation of malt extract:

Preparation of raw materials.

The starting material for the production of malt extract is high-quality barley malt.

Mashing (soaking).

First, the malt is placed in special containers for soaking, where it is mixed with water at a certain temperature. This process helps extract sugars and other soluble substances from the malt. Filtration: The resulting mixture (wort) is filtered to remove solid particles and other insoluble components.


The wort is boiled to coagulate excess protein and remove unwanted substances.


After the boiling stage, the wort is sent to evaporation, where, under the influence of vacuum, water evaporates from the wort at relatively low temperatures. This allows you to thicken the wort to obtain a concentrate with a high concentration of dry substances.

Quality control.

The production process is controlled, and the resulting malt extract is checked for compliance with standards and quality requirements.

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