The Prolitech company offers to buy an apple chopper for juice from the German manufacturer Speidel at a bargain price. This efficient equipment allows you to quickly prepare raw materials from fruits for further extraction of fresh juice for preservation or as a basis for cider, home brew, wine. The apple crusher offered in our store has a long service life. Thanks to the impeccable design of all components and the German build quality, the chopper will last for many years.

How does the German manufacturer Speidel fruit chopper work?

It is worth saying that this unit is easy to operate and extremely productive. In an hour of operation, an electric grater is able to grind a ton of pears, apples, quince, and other hard fruits. The crusher shreds products not too finely, but not coarsely. The pieces are obtained in the optimal size for obtaining juice - the maximum extraction is guaranteed. Other advantages of the unit include the following factors:

European quality equipment in Ukraine

Electric graters from different manufacturers are presented on the specialized market in large quantities. However, not all of them are characterized by flawless operation and high performance. Most cheap models have plastic parts that often break. As a result, the entire structure fails.

All this is not about the apple chopper from the German manufacturer Speidel. The unit offered by us fully complies with European quality and safety standards. Special labeling as well as EC certificates confirm this.

The fruit crusher is made of durable materials approved for use in the food industry. The motor has protection against overheating, and the motor itself is protected from moisture. The manufacturer gives a 2-year warranty for stable operation, but as practice shows, the working life of the crusher significantly exceeds this period.

Chopper and juicer

You can buy a crusher along with a juicer. In this case, you will receive a complete set of equipment for making juice at home. Such an efficient complex is suitable for commercial use - for the production of fresh juice at procurement and wineries.

Buy a chopper in Ukraine

The Prolitech company is the official partner of the German manufacturer Speidel in Ukraine, so we offer equipment of this brand at the best price. We provide shipment of goods to any region of the country. You can buy a unit with delivery by Nova Poshta to Kiev, Odessa, Vinnitsa. You can place an order by phone or email. Request a call back and we will call you back. The company provides a free consultation on any relevant issues. The manager will tell you in detail about the features of the Speidel juicers, their operation and maintenance.

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