Choosing a moonshine cube should be based on the size of the home winery, personal preferences and the technical conditions of the room where the process will take place.

The best in a number of parameters are distillation cubes for moonshine made of stainless steel. These models are different:

Also, the tank for moonshine can be made of brass, copper and alloys. They are more expensive and, as a rule, are intended for the production of a certain type of distillates, for example, cognacs, brandy.

One of the important characteristics when choosing a cube for home brewing is the method of heating the fermented raw materials. Convenient models that are installed on a gas or electric stove. But much more convenient are those that are equipped with a heating element - the design already has a heating element. It is enough to connect the equipment to the mains to ensure uniform heating of the mash.

New models of cubes for moonshine are equipped with additional devices - a thermostat, a pressure sensor, a thermometer and others. This greatly facilitates the process of home brewing, makes the operation of the equipment easy and enjoyable.

You can learn more about the possibilities of modern moonshine stills from our consultants. The specialist will help you choose the model of equipment after clarifying some details.

What else to look for when choosing a moonshine cube?

Each article of the catalog of the Prolitex company store is supplemented with a description and a photo. Our platform is a resource where you can buy equipment for home brewing in a few clicks. But before placing an order, pay attention to the following characteristics:

Why is it profitable to buy moonshine cubes in the Prolitech store?

As a specialized resource, our moonshine shop offers stills from the best manufacturers. Our specialists regularly monitor the novelties of the profile market in order to offer Ukrainian customers only the best equipment for the production of excellent alcohol at home. We are proud:  

Place an order by phone or on the website. And be sure, by purchasing goods from us, you get a high-quality device and a reliable partner, ready to provide competent advice at any time.

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Distillation cubes for moonshine stills

Distillation cubes for moonshine stills

Distillation cubes for moonshine stills
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