A fermenter is a container specially designed for fermentation. The main difference between a fermentation vessel and a fermenter is that a fermenter is a specially designed vessel that has all the necessary characteristics for optimal fermentation.

Fermenters typically have the following characteristics

Fermentation vessels not specifically designed for fermentation may not have all of these characteristics. For example, regular glass jars can be used for fermentation, but they will need to be carefully sealed to prevent contamination.

Types of Fermenters

Fermenters with conical bottom

These fermenters are shaped like a cone, which helps settle the yeast at the bottom of the fermenter. This makes it easier to drain clean beer from the yeast.

Rectangular fermenters

These fermenters are rectangular in shape and are the most common type of fermenter. They are easier to clean and sanitize than conical bottom fermenters, but they are not as efficient at collecting yeast.

Pressure fermenters

These fermenters are designed to ferment beer under pressure. This allows more carbon dioxide to dissolve in the beer, making it more carbonated. 

Fermenters for skittles

These fermenters are specifically designed for use with kegs. They have a drain fitting that allows you to easily drain the beer from the keg.

The type of fermenter you choose will depend on your needs and budget. If you're new to brewing, a rectangular fermenter is a good option. As you gain more experience, you can upgrade to a cone-bottom fermenter or a pressure fermenter.

Beer fermenter

It is usually made from plastic, glass or stainless steel. Beer fermenters have an airtight lid to prevent contamination of fermenting wort, as well as an air seal to allow carbon dioxide to escape from the container and air not to enter.

Wine fermenter

Used to ferment wine. It is usually made from glass, stainless steel or concrete. Wine fermenters have a sealed lid to prevent contamination of fermenting wort, as well as a hydrometer used to measure the specific gravity of the wine.

The main difference between a beer fermenter and a wine fermenter is that a beer fermenter is designed to ferment under pressure, while a wine fermenter is not. This is because beer typically carbonates under pressure, while wine does not.

Other differences between a beer fermenter and a wine fermenter include:

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