The online store of the Prolitech company offers everyone who is engaged in the production of wine, cider, juice harvesting and preservation for the winter period at home to buy a juice press from the German manufacturer Speidel. The presented model has a press basket volume of 90 liters, which allows you to prepare a large amount of fresh juice in one session. The equipment is suitable not only for domestic use in the garden or in the country. The press of this model is often used on an industrial scale in small commercial productions: in wineries, in cafes and restaurants to obtain freshly squeezed juice.

You can buy high-quality equipment from a German manufacturer in any region of Ukraine. We will ensure the delivery of goods by Nova Poshta or another carrier to Kharkiv, Dnipro, Kiev, Lviv, and other settlements.

What is a juicer for?

A good harvest of fruit trees is, on the one hand, the joy and pride of the owner of the garden, and on the other hand, the troubles associated with the need to process the fruits. Quite often in such cases, a decision is made to prepare juice or put wine. To do this, it is necessary to perform the extraction of fruit and fruit products.

Not all juicers offered on the modern market are effective. Many of them are characterized by low productivity, they are quickly clogged with cake, and are not able to squeeze raw materials with high quality. As a result, a lot of manipulations and time costs, and the result is a minimal result.

It is a completely different matter if a Speidel juicer is used to squeeze fruits and vegetables. This press works using hydraulic forces. A garden water hose is connected to it. When the tap is opened, the incoming water expands the rubber membrane placed inside the structure, presses the raw materials against the mesh basket. The squeezed juice flows down the chute into the receiver - a canister, a bucket, a bottle.

Due to the pressure created inside the cylinder, an exceptionally high juice yield is observed. The working pressure of the press is controlled and regulated by a built-in pressure gauge. If it exceeds the maximum allowable value, the fuse is activated, excess water is drained.

Any hard fruits and vegetables can be used as raw materials for this equipment. The unit is suitable for processing grapes, tomatoes, apples and pears, quince into juice. It is recommended to chop large fruits before loading into the basket.

Hardware Benefits

We offer the cheapest and most efficient juicing equipment. As an official partner of a manufacturer from Germany in Ukraine, we supply Speidel juicers at the manufacturer's price. You can find out all the details from our manager by free phone. Request a call back and we will call you back.

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