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Oak chips are a natural product that is used to improve the taste, aroma and color of alcoholic beverages. It gives drinks a noble woody taste, notes of vanilla, caramel and chocolate.

Oak chips are suitable for cognac, whiskey, moonshine, wine and other drinks. It is used for aging drinks at home or on an industrial scale.

In our online store you can buy oak chips at a competitive price. We offer a wide range of wood chips of different types of oak and degree of firing.

 Here you will find the following types of oak chips:

All oak chips presented on the site have been carefully selected and guarantee high quality so that you can get maximum pleasure from preparing and enjoying your favorite drinks.

We also offer wood chips of varying degrees of firing:

The degree of roasting affects the taste and aroma of the drink. Light roasting gives the drink a subtle woody taste, medium roasting gives it a richer flavor, and heavy roasting gives it a tart and smoky flavor.

To make a drink with oak chips, simply add the chips to the distillate and let it sit for a few weeks or months.

Order oak chips right now and prepare your own elite drink!

Advantages of our oak chips:

Order oak chips right now!

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