Malt crushers are devices designed to grind grain and remove grain shells. Raw materials for beer in a crushed state and without shells interact better with water - the substances contained in the grain are extracted faster. As a result, the liquid is saturated with components that give it a peculiar taste and aroma.

A malt mill is a must-have in brewing, regardless of the scale of the beverage production. To brew delicious, aromatic beer, you need to carefully prepare the raw materials, including grinding malt - germinated grains of barley or wheat. The malt grinder is designed for the preparation of raw materials.

An important technological step in brewing is the mashing process. In order for enzymes to react with malt substances, special conditions must be created. With an increase in the degree of grain grinding, the activity of the interaction of its components with enzymes increases. The level of grinding of the germinated grain also affects the filtering properties of the grains (thick that remains after boiling the wort).

Brewers who are responsible for the preparation of the drink prefer to buy a malt grinder. To ensure the continuity of the production process, stocks of malt are needed. Ready malt oxidizes during long-term storage, loses taste and aroma properties. To brew delicious beer, you need freshly ground malt. Therefore, enterprises that care about the quality of the drink and their reputation use malt mills.

Types, principle of operation and features of malt crushers

The malt crusher is a design equipped with rollers arranged in pairs. The dry grain crusher is a common option that is mainly used in breweries. Depending on the number of rollers, 2-roller, 4-roller, 5-roller, 6-roller models are distinguished.

To provide a large brewery with quality raw materials, you need to buy a malt crusher with six rollers. Three pairs of rollers (for pre-crushing, for detaching the chaff shells, for preparing semolina) are interspersed with a set of vibrating screens. Each vibrating sieve has holes in two sizes, due to which the grinding is eventually divided into 3 parts:

The capacity of industrial malt mills with six rollers reaches 14 tons within 1 hour. Double roller grinder is designed for small brewery or restaurant microbrewery. In the presence of a single pair of shafts, subsequent differentiation (separation into parts) of the grinding is impossible. As a result, it is impossible to achieve the maximum yield of the extract. However, such an inexpensive, easy-to-use model is ideal for a craft brewery.

During the operation of the roller plant, foreign particles and impurities do not get into the raw material, which positively affects the quality of the finished product - beer. The gaps between the rollers are adjustable, which allows you to choose the degree of grain grinding. The malt grinder can be manual or electric. The electric model is equipped with an electric motor, which facilitates and accelerates the process of grinding grain. Some manual models have the option of mechanization - connecting a drill or screwdriver to the handle to facilitate and speed up the rotation process.

The performance of the electrical device is about 2 tons for 1 hour. A manual malt grinder is the best option for home and craft breweries. Among the advantages of the model are simple design, quick assembly, not prone to breakage, low price, durability. The productivity of manual installation is about 50 kg for 1 hour. The manual malt crusher is characterized by maximum ease of operation and mobility. Due to its small size and weight, the device is easy to carry to a new place. For example, it can be put away in the utility room when not in use.

Where to buy malt crushers

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