A beer keg is a special container for storing drinks, including cider, wine and kvass. The word "kagg" is Swedish for "barrel". The first metal container for storing beer appeared in 1929 thanks to the developers of the German company Krupp. The modern container is equipped with a tap, which facilitates the operation and bottling of drinks. There are 4 types of fittings (keg blocking mechanism). Due to the tight closure, even in an empty keg there is no air. Most models are equipped with handles, which makes it easy to transport the container by hand. The material for the manufacture of the product is less often plastic, more often stainless steel.

The beer keg is designed for storage, transportation and distribution of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Modern technologies for the production of containers contribute to the long-term preservation of consumer characteristics of beer, including taste properties. The use of special containers allows the end consumer to drink delicious, fresh drinks.

Before you buy a keg for beer, you should understand the container device. Inside the barrel is a hollow tube called a "spear". The tube fits almost close to the bottom surface, so that the contents of the container are completely consumed. The tank and the drain systems are interconnected by a connector that is attached to the top of the body.

Types and characteristics of beer kegs

Beer kegs vary in capacity and size. Common options are made in accordance with DIN (German Standards Institute) and EVRO standards. Beer kegs EVRO in comparison with DIN taxes are lower and wider (with the same capacity). DIN products are narrow and tall. Modern models are made with a porous polyurethane finish, which prevents mechanical damage to the container and provides additional thermal insulation. Stainless steel beer kegs have the following advantages:

Buying a stainless steel beer keg means making a choice in favor of high-quality containers that will last a long time and are distinguished by high technical characteristics. The service life of the product reaches 30 years. For the convenience of stacking, on the bottom and lid of the beer keg there are sides that provide a tight docking of two containers installed one on top of the other.

The advantages of plastic models include low dead weight and low cost. Among the disadvantages are poor protection of the product from sunlight and temperature changes, susceptibility to mechanical damage with the formation of cracks. Violation of the integrity of the container leads to spoilage and leakage of drinks.

According to the requirements of the state standard, the beer keg must be airtight. The edges of the case are beaded, smooth and even without burrs, undulations, undercuts. If you have not thought about where to buy a keg for beer, you are invited by Proliteh LLC.

Where to buy beer kegs

Proliteh LLC offers to buy new beer kegs of different sizes - 5 l, 9 l, 18 l. We supply industrial enterprises that specialize in the production of food products, equipment and containers. We sell conveyor lines, machines and installations, which are made by leading manufacturers in Europe and Ukraine. Why it is beneficial to cooperate with us:

We will quickly deliver the ordered goods to cities in Ukraine - Kiev and Dnipro, Kharkiv, Odessa, Lviv, Mariupol, Krivoy Rog, Zaporozhye. Affordable price for products of European quality is a strong argument in favor of the immediate start of cooperation with our company. To order beer kegs, you need to fill out an application - the procedure takes a few minutes.

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