"Management of the Art of Rectification and Distillation: Automation for the Moonshine Still"

In the world of home brewing, our online store, Prolitech, presents you with an innovative solution - Automation for Moonshine Still, which revolutionizes the idea of the distillation and rectification process. With this technological marvel, you master not only your moonshine still, but the entire art of creating high-quality drinks.

Why you should choose our automation for rectification and distillation:

Simplicity and Convenience:

Thoughtful design and intuitive interface make using our automation easy and enjoyable. Even if you are new to the world of moonshine brewing, our technology will allow you to get comfortable with the process in just a few steps. The automation of the moonshine still greatly simplifies the life of the operator. Pour the mash into the distillation cube, confirm the settings according to the instructions and turn on the control unit. The process becomes clear even for those who are just starting their journey in the world of moonshine.

Remote control:

Spending the weekend away from home? No problem! Our automation is equipped with a remote control function via Wi-Fi. Control the entire distillation process directly from your smartphone or computer, wherever you are.

Fine Settings:

Want to create a drink with a unique taste? Our automatic settings allow you to control temperature, tackle speed, and even adjust goal selection by direction, level/time - all done with the ease of our intuitive settings.

Quality and Performance:

Automation for rectification and distillation is created using advanced technologies, providing high productivity and stability in operation. This ensures that your drinks are of superior quality every time you distill.

Exclusive Features:

Our automation offers unique functions, such as adjusting the set temperature shelf for product selection, depending on changes in atmospheric pressure, tailings selection valve, and drawer decrement and others - all in order to make your moonshine brewing process as convenient and efficient as possible.


Turn your hobby into real art with Automation for Moonshine Still from Prolitech. Combining advanced technologies and ease of use, our product will become your faithful companion in creating unique and high-quality drinks. Make your choice wisely - choose Prolitech!

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