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How to properly clean a distiller?


The strength, taste properties, and transparency of the resulting distillate directly depend on how competently, efficiently and in full accordance with the requirements of the manufacturer the moonshine still will be operated. Over time, each owner of the distillation cube has a problem with the cleanliness of his equipment. And how to wash the moonshine still correctly, in many instructions that are attached to them, nothing is said.


This is a very serious issue, since the presence of scale, deposits, residues of burnt mash, and other contaminants on the internal surfaces leads to the following consequences:

  • The energy costs for heating the distillation cube increase, while the mash warms up unevenly.
  • The taste of the resulting moonshine (raw alcohol) is deteriorating. There is an extraneous aftertaste in the drink, an unpleasant odor is observed.

Below are a few tips for keeping your moonshine still clean.


Do I need to wash a new moonshine still?

The answer to this question is unambiguously positive. Definitely necessary, even necessary. Regardless of whether a distiller is bought from a branded manufacturer or made to order, it should be thoroughly cleaned before using it for home brewing. This procedure has the following objectives:

  • The internal surfaces of the distillation cube, steam vents, dry steamers, serpentine, and other attachments are cleaned from dust, factory grease, any small particles and contaminants left after the manufacture, assembly of the apparatus.
  • The tightness of the structure, operability, absence of leaks, ease of use are checked.

The way to clean a new moonshine is very simple. Instead of mash, distilled water is poured into the distillation cube, which undergoes a full-fledged distillation process. This method is suitable for still models made of both stainless steel and copper.


However, for alambiks, alquitars, copper classic distillers, another popular way is offered, how to wash a new moonshine still. Distilled water is pre-mixed with rye flour (flour 5% of the volume of the mixture). This solution is poured into the distillation cube, but not more than 50% of its volume. A complete distillation cycle is performed.



After such cleaning, you can be sure that the new equipment is operational, perfectly clean and ready for use.


Cleaning of impurities and scale of working distillers

Distillers with little experience often neglect cleaning and washing moonshine stills and their components after work. They explain their decision by the fact that everything there is disinfected naturally. But they do not take into account one thing: both in the distillation cube itself, and in the steam outlet and the dry steamer, particles of mash, phlegm, and separated impurities remain. All this is an excellent environment for the development of organics and microorganisms, which in the next stage will negatively affect the taste of the original product.


Not only for this reason, but also because of the observance of the elementary rules of sanitation, the moonshine still, after it has cooled down, must be disassembled and washed thoroughly. During this procedure, an audit is also made for the presence of scale on surfaces.



Recommended wash frequency:

  • Alembic and sukhoparniki (reflux condensers) after each distillation cycle.
  • Hoses, coil after 5-8 moonshine brewing cycles.

If the moonshine is used periodically, then its cleaning should be carried out after each use.


Scale found on the surface can be removed by any of the methods that are used to clean kettles, coffee makers and other household appliances. The most popular solutions:

  • Special liquids for the care of distillers, separately from copper, separately from stainless steel.
  • Citric acid with water (25 mg per 1 liter of water).
  • Some practice ketchup or Coca-Cola.

If you are not sure what product can be used to keep the moonshine still clean, consult a specialist. By calling the Prolitech manager at the contact phone number +38 (098) 192-18-20, you can not only get information on this issue, but also order a suitable cleaning agent for your distiller.


Thanks to the regular cleaning of the moonshine still, not only is the output of high-quality alcohol obtained, but also its service life is extended.