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Why do you need a moonshine?


Attitude towards alcohol around the world is not unambiguous. Some believe that all the problems are from drinking, others a small portion of alcohol helps to relax and get rid of stress, others choose a feast with alcohol as a pleasant and interesting pastime. Each of the group of people has the right to their attitude towards strong drinks. But it’s hard not to admit that, following centuries-old traditions, on the occasion (meeting guests, holiday), a bottle of good alcohol is put on the table, hidden in advance “in case”.

But the problem is that it is not easy to buy high-quality alcohol today. There are many offers, brands, varieties. However, more and more often there is a fake, a surrogate, after the use of which a hospital bed is the easiest consequence. To provide themselves with high-quality alcoholic beverages, those who care about health buy a home-made moonshine still - a distiller.

What is a distiller?

When we figured out what a distiller is for, it remains to understand how it works. This equipment allows you to cook moonshine from mash. In principle, moonshine stills have been known since ancient times. But only a properly designed distiller, made of chemically inert materials, produces high-quality alcoholic beverages, after which the head does not hurt in the morning, and there is no severe hangover. That is, to the question: “What is the distiller for?” you can answer like this: "To provide personal needs for high-quality strong alcohol."

Distiller: principle of operation

What is a distiller, you already know. To choose high-quality equipment on the market of specialized equipment, you need to know what the principle of operation of the distiller is. In this case, when getting acquainted with a particular model, you can pay attention to the functionality, design features.

So, distillation is the separation of liquids into fractions by evaporation followed by condensation. All moonshine stills are similar in design and have only minor but important differences.

  • The main element of the equipment is a distillation cube, in which a constant high temperature is maintained.
  • A drop catcher is connected to the cube - a stainless steel pipe. It, in turn, is connected to a capacitor.
  • Braga boils in a cube, and its vapors enter a steel pipe, pass through it and end up in a condenser, where they again take a liquid form.
  • At the next stage, the product, completely cooled in the "refrigerator", enters the receiving tank. It remains to bottle it.

Important: The fusel oils present in the mash do not take a vapor form at the temperature maintained in the cube. Due to this, the passage of moonshine through the distiller provides pure alcohol without harmful impurities.

Interesting information: Braga, used to make moonshine, has a strength of 8-12 degrees. After passing through the distiller, it turns into strong alcohol with an alcohol content of 40-96 degrees.

When distilling mash, you will control the process, understanding all the stages, that is, you can make sure that everything happens in compliance with the technology. By the way, what else do you need a distiller for? To get drinks not only of the desired strength, but also of taste. So, having learned what the principle of operation of the distiller is, you can adjust these characteristics of the finished product depending on your own needs.

You can brew potato or berry alcohol, starch and sugar moonshine, a drink made from millet, beets, peas. Special gourmets make rice, lemon moonshine. Still don't know what a distiller is? This is equipment with which you can cook moonshine from any product prepared in advance according to a specific recipe.

What are distillers

Despite the general principle of operation, distillers differ in some structural elements, options, and materials of manufacture. Let's look briefly at these differences.

  • The material of manufacture can be stainless steel or copper. In the latter case, the device is called "alambik". It is used to distill whiskey and cognac.
  • More advanced models are equipped with a sukhoparnik, which acts as a filter for cleaning vapors from fusel oils.
  • Most designs provide for heating a container with mash from gas on a stove. But there are distillers with a built-in electric heater. They connect to the network and can work anywhere there is an outlet.
  • Professional moonshine stills are equipped with a distillation column. And this is a new opportunity - to produce high quality alcohol.

The design of the moonshine still makes the device unique, allows it to be used for specific raw materials and to obtain a specific result. Therefore, before buying a distiller, you should definitely ask about its characteristics, features of use. It is best to seek advice from a specialist of the Prolitex store. The manager will help you choose equipment based on your specific needs.

Moonshine, distiller, mash - what is all this for?

And again we return to the question: "Why do we need a distiller when boutiques of alcoholic products offer goods for every taste, color, strength." Let's start with the fact that moonshine is the original drink of the Slavs, which our ancestors brewed at home. And they did it with special skill, with love. We have a special relationship with moonshine. Today she is a rarity. And rarely will anyone refuse to taste high-quality home-made alcohol. Indeed, unlike a store-bought product, the composition and production technology of distillate are precisely known.

Moonshine in our time is not perceived as a handicraft production of cheap alcohol. This is a real art, a multi-stage process from the collection and preparation of raw materials to cutting off the “head” and “tail”, obtaining the first drops of a quality homemade product. For many, buying a distiller becomes a real godsend for organizing leisure. And it's not about the need to constantly drink or addiction to alcohol, but about the ability to create. That is why the moonshine still can be considered as a wonderful gift to a person who has free time and the opportunity to engage in the production of homemade strong drinks. For example, a grandfather or father who has retired and does not know what to do with his free time, spends a lot of time in the country, experimenting in home winemaking. This category of people can definitely be attributed to the grateful target audience, which will be happy with such a gift. Perhaps this is another answer to the question: “What is the distiller for?”. And this is another plus of the equipment.

How to choose a distiller

On the website "Proliteh" you will find modern models of moonshine stills. The equipment is presented in different modifications. You can select the desired volume, performance, and other parameters. The units combine high quality and affordable prices. Choose and move from theory to practice of the art of moonshine.