Brewing malt: barley and wheat

Beer malt is obtained from abundantly moistened, germinated grains of cereal crops. To create different varieties of foamy drink, brewers use raw materials made from barley, wheat, rye, corn, sorghum, triticale. Barley and wheat species, which are considered the classic basis, are in great demand. To produce beer, you need to buy malt, hops and other ingredients, then, after setting the mode, place them in the desired sequence in the mini brewery. Malt happens:


To prepare the wort, several varieties of malt are often mixed in order to achieve a peculiar shade of taste and aroma. Types of malt differ in extractivity, viscosity, protein concentration, friability (friability) and other characteristics. A Prolitech specialist will help you to understand in detail.


Types of malt for beer: how to choose the right one

The taste, color and other properties of the product of the prepared drink depend on the type of malt. Manufacturers offer wheat, barley and other types of malt, which, depending on the grain processing technology, acquire certain properties. The main subspecies of barley base malt:

Suitable malt is selected based on personal taste preferences, taking into account the desired properties of the final product. If a brewer is going to brew a certain type of beer, he uses the ingredients according to the recipe. In home brewing, you can experiment by adjusting the proportions at your own discretion. The only negative is that the result in this case is unpredictable.


How to order and buy malt from Prolitech?

You can buy malt in Kiev at an affordable price at Proliteh. Raw materials for home and industrial brewing are inexpensively purchased from us. Malt and other components are produced by the leading enterprises of Ukraine, Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany and Finland. The quality is confirmed by specifications and certificates. To complete a transaction, the buyer needs to follow a few simple steps:

An alternative option is to call the operator of the company, who will answer questions online and accept the application. Consultations of competent specialists will help to avoid mistakes when choosing the right type of malt. 

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